Mike Thomas of BTW Consulting is one of the better if not the best on line support consultants we have ever worked with since going on line 20 years ago. We needed assistance navigating the Amazon and Ebay selling platforms. Doing it in house became maddening for a whole host of reasons. Scrambling around to find help with this a friend sent us a link to BTW Consulting as a possible lead. Looked them up, read everything and sent a request. Within a short period of time we had Mike on the phone who patiently listened to us whine and moan about mainly the frustrating Amazon experience.


Mike was able to comprehend our needs, put forth a plan of action to accommodate our needs and the budget. We signed on and got to work on the information assignment given to us by Mike. Once we completed this task and sent it over, there was plenty of back and forth moving towards our goal
Mike is patient, calm, informed, interested and resourceful. Most important Mike cares about having a right outcome. We could go on about this but to summarize, Mike Thomas of BTW Consulting is someone that should be considered in formulating your plan of attack for the online selling platforms Amazon and Ebay. BTW works in other areas too but this was our need and they met it. We have completed our project and Mike continues to monitor our progress and check in with us. We are very pleased.


Chuck Howard USA King’s Crossing LLC

BTW Consulting gave us exactly what we needed! We were looking to move past a plateau in our ebay business and wanted an outside perspective to help move us forward. BTW gave us a timely and very fair priced review of our ebay store and listings with clear and prioritized suggestions.

Andy Strom Auto City Classic Inc.

I contacted BTW Consulting to help launch a new product line for my company. They were one of the very few companies I found that offered both eBay and Amazon services. Mike and his team spent a lot of time providing suggestions and recommendations to ensure our company’s success. Mike is very hands on, and a true professional. BTW was very helpful with our product descriptions, titles, store set up, SEO, and FBA program. Our launch on both marketplaces went very well, and we have seen a steady increase in sales ever since. I am really pleased with the job they did, and should I decide to add more products in the future, I would definitely use BTW again.

Sara Liu Fashion Oxygen

A year ago, our company decided to expand. We looked for a company that could help us with both Amazon and eBay. We decided to move forward with BTW Consulting. Brian, presented us with a comprehensive plan that met our needs. He is very detailed oriented, highly responsive with his customer service, and knows how to do things correctly. Our Amazon pages came out great, as well as our eBay store. Our sales have steadily increased, and continue to do so. He is doing a great job managing both of our accounts. We are extremely pleased, and will continue to work with him.

Scott Noelle Easy Style

Our business decided to sell direct on Ebay. We found early on a bunch of unauthorized resellers that were selling our product without permission and competing against us. They were also taking our images and content from our website. Needless to say, we were not happy. At first, we contacted customer support thinking that would solve the problem. We were then told we needed to deal with their vero department. We found the entire process cumbersome, and very time consuming. So, we hired BTW Consulting. They were able to identify all of the unauthorized sellers, and took care of everything for us. This was not an easy problem to fix, and we are very grateful for their support and help during the entire process.

Alicia Gaines Vaimes Inc.

We have worked with Brian on behalf of several of our clients that needed work done on ebay or Amazon. Brian really helped them see an increase in sales and become more profitable. He is a true professional, who really goes above and beyond. His knowledge and expertise of ebay and Amazon are impressive, and that has really made a difference for our clients.

Jim Baloba AME