If you are looking to sell online, high traffic e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon can significantly increase your sales.  Although some feel their selling fees are high, when you compare it to the costs of marketing your own website they are not.  In fact, the cost is much less.  Another thing to consider is the trust both marketplaces bring.  Most online shoppers want to purchase from stores they are familiar with and trust.  Both eBay and Amazon give buyers that confidence.  Many customers prefer the variety and all-in-one shopping experience eBay and Amazon provide. Online marketplaces also bring the additional layer of a single checkout and fulfilment support in order to create a seamless experience for buyers.

BTW Consulting can advise you as to whether eBay, Amazon, or both work best for your business.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both channels, and we are here to help.  For a free initial consultation please contact us at info@mybtwconsulting.com.