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If your eBay sales down or slow, we can help improve your search rankings and increase eBay sales. Most of the time, when eBay sales are down or slow, it has to do with the way your listing titles are optimized and a host of other important factors. We use our extensive knowledge of eBay, combined with keyword research, to improve your search rankings in best match. To learn more contact us today for your free consultation.


  • We optimize your eBay listing titles for improved eBay search rankings and sales .
  • We setup and manage your advertising and promotional campaigns
  • We review picture quality and quantity. Since buyers aren’t able to physically hold your items in person, pictures are key to maximizing purchases.
  • Revise your listing template if it is outdated, is not user friendly, or looks unprofessional
  • Make sure your products are categorized correctly.
  • Add product Identifiers if needed
  • Check top competitors pricing
  • Mobile Optimization - 60% to 70% of eBay searches begin on a mobile device. We make sure your listings are optimized for mobile.