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If your eBay sales are down or your eBay sales are slow, or you're just looking to sell more product on eBay, BTW Consulting can help increase your eBay sales, performance, and rankings. Most of the time slow sales have to do with the way your listings are optimized. BTW consulting uses our years of experience combined with research to improve your positions in best match and increase your customer base. 


Some eBay sellers' have reported their eBay sales are down for 2019. This has been due to the many new changes eBay has rolled out since 2018. With all these changes being made, it has had a negative impact on many sellers' revenue. This in part has been due to changes in the best match algorithm in addition to others. If you are wondering how to increase sales on eBay, look no further. Our eBay SEO services are comprehensive, and will help improve your rankings in best match. We have been able to help multiple clients navigate the changes eBay has made. Using a variety of techniques, combined with experience, BTW Consulting will optimize your eBay listing titles and make sure they are categorized correctly. For a free consultation with no obligation please contact us today. 

Product Listing Titles 

We check and make the necessary changes to ensure your titles are optimized correctly, SEO-friendly, and enhance product visibility across the marketplace.  Well optimized titles are the single most important factor for eBay search optimization. If your eBay sales are slow, or your eBay sales are down, or you simply want to improve sales, we can help.


BTW Consulting will review picture quality and quantity.  Since buyers aren’t able to physically hold the items in person, pictures are key to maximizing purchases.  

Product Descriptions

We check to make sure the most relevant search terms are included.  

Keyword Placement

BTW Consulting will review your keyword placement, and optimize your listings accordingly.  

Product Categorization

BTW Consulting make sure your products are categorized correctly and make the necessary changes required.  

Product Identifiers

We make sure you are using all necessary product identifiers to get found.