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If your eBay sales are slow, or your eBay sales are down, BTW Consulting can help improve your eBay sales, .  We offer you a choice of two highly valuable services to help improve your performance and rankings on eBay.  With our eBay SEO service, we optimize your eBay listings for you.  With our eBay store analysis and recommendations report, we provide highly valuable insight and recommendations for improvement to your eBay seller account.  

eBay SEO Services

Our eBay SEO services are comprehensive and will improve your rankings in best match.  Using a variety of techniques combined with experience, BTW Consulting will optimize your eBay listing titles and make sure they are categorized correctly for the eBay search (Casini).  In addition, we check picture quantity and quality as this is another factor eBay considers when ranking you.  Finally, product identifiers are checked and imputed if needed.  For a free consultation please contact us at info@mybtwconsulting.com

eBay Store Analysis

This is an in depth, highly detailed, and prioritized written report where we carefully review and analyze your eBay seller account, eBay store, eBay listings, and eBay SEO.  After our report is completed, we provide a free one hour phone consultation to review our findings and suggestions for areas of improvement.  You will receive a detailed report with recommendations on:

  • Store Design
  • Listing Layout
  • Listing Titles
  • Product Descriptions
  • SEO and Keyword Placement
  • Marketing Plans
  • Branding
  • Product Identifiers
  • Store Categories
  • Store Policies

eBay Store Homepage

Your eBay store homepages are a very important part of presenting your brand and products to potential customers.  BTW Consulting will be carefully check your store bios and layouts.  We will then provide recommendations for areas of improvement.  

eBay Store Policies

BTW Consulting will review your eBay store policies including shipping, returns, payment methods, etc.  Store policies play an important role in consumer buying decisions.  BTW Consulting will be carefully check your store policies, and provide recommendations for areas of improvement.  

Product/Listing Titles 

BTW Consulting will review your eBay listing titles.  They will be carefully checked to make sure they are done correctly and are fully optimized for eBay search.  We check to make sure your titles are descriptive, SEO-friendly, and enhance product visibility across the marketplace.  


BTW Consulting will review picture quality and quantity.  Since buyers aren’t able to physically hold the items in person, pictures are key to maximizing purchases.  

Product Descriptions

BTW Consulting will review your product descriptions.  Think of a product description as an extension of the features and benefits section.  We check your descriptions to make sure they are informative and accurately describe your items to customers in a quick and concise manner.  We also check to make sure the most relevant search terms are included.  

Keyword Placement

BTW Consulting will review your keyword placement inside your eBay listings.  Optimizing your listings properly is key for eBay customers to find your products.  


The way a company presents itself and their products can have a big impact on customers purchasing your products.  In addition, due to the highly competitive online sales environment, it is becoming increasingly important to gain repeat business.  A strong brand identity and story can greatly improve product purchases and increase sales.  BTW Consulting will review how you are presenting your brand across your stores and listings.  

Marketing, Advertising, Promotions

BTW Consulting will review any marketing, advertising, or promotions you currently have running.  If you do not have any active campaigns, we will make suggestions for the new consolidated store that will help improve sales.  

Product Identifiers

BTW Consulting will review your listings and check for usage of product identifiers.  

Product Reviews

BTW Consulting will check to see if you have product reviews, and if so how many.  We then provide recommendations on how to increase your product reviews.   f   


Many times, during our analysis, we come across other factors that are influencing sales or rankings.  These are included in your report.

For a free consultation with no obligation, contact us now at:  info@mybtwconsulting.com.