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Why are your eBay sales slow, and how can BTW Consulting help to increase your eBay sales? When your eBay sales are slow, it can be due to a variety of reasons such as high pricing vs your competition, you're not running effective advertising and promotional campaigns, your listings are not optimized correctly for search, your seller performance is below standard, and a whole host of other factors. We carefully analyze your account, identify problem areas, make recommendations for improvement, and implement them. We are a team of highly experienced eBay Consultants who have been in business since 2015. We are based in the United States, and do not outsource your work. You will be dealing with an American company, who provides US support, and your account information is kept strictly confidential. If your eBay sales are slow, contact us today for to increase your eBay sales and your free consultation.


  • We review your entire seller account to determine what is causing your slow eBay sales
  • We review and optimize your eBay listings for improved search rankings and sales.
  • We improve your advertising and promotional campaigns
  • We perform a competitive analysis to see how you are doing vs your competition
  • We review and make recommendations to improve your seller performance
  • We check and update your item specifics and product descriptions

EBay is very different than Amazon, Walmart, or your website. Each platform requires different optimization techniques, different advertising and promotional strategies, and understanding who your customer base is. EBay buyers are not the same as Amazon shoppers, and Walmart consumers differ as well. Understanding how all this works, and vast knowledge of eCommerce, is how we will help you increase your eBay sales. Contact us today for your free consultation.