What is Google Shopping Actions?

Google Shopping Actions or Buy on Google is an easy to use Google marketplace or shopping mall that allows consumers to shop, buy, and pay for their merchandise on Google. Shopping actions is part of Google’s vast shopping network.

Today’s shoppers expect their online experiences to be simpler, faster, and more intuitive. Google Shopping Actions or Buy on Google enables purchasing directly from Google, and helps customers shop effortlessly with across Google surfaces — whether they’re at home, on mobile, or shopping with their voice

As a Shopping Actions retailer, part of your program agreement includes commissions taken by Google on products sold through Shopping Actions. Commission calculation is based on a product’s category as determined by Google at the time of sale. Different commission rates are applied depending on an item’s product category or subcategory.  For most categories, Google’s commission rate is 12 percent. The Google Shopping Actions program, is very similar to you selling on Amazon or eBay. You are not required to run Google Ads to be a Shopping Actions Merchant.

It is similar to Amazon in that it allows for a simple and easy buy, pay, and checkout process. The customer does not have to leave Google, and there are no redirects to your website.

It’s a great opportunity to increase your company’s online presence without having to sell on a new marketplace. For example, let’s say you have your own website, and you want to reach more customers. We help you get set up with a Google merchant center account. Once your account is set up, BTW Consulting gets your products listed in the Google Shopping Actions Marketplace.

Let’s say you don’t have a website, no problem. We can use your eBay fixed price listings instead. We open your merchant account, and get your eBay products listed on Shopping Actions.

In either case, the customer easily finds your item in Google Shopping, clicks on it, and purchases directly from Google. A simple, quick, and easy shopping experience. The merchant receives notification of the order from Google, and ships the product directly to the customer.  Google handles the payment processing which is included in the final sale fee.

Here's what you can do with Shopping Actions:

Acquire new customers, on more surfaces

Help customers buy your products wherever they’re shopping - across Google Shopping, Search, the Google Assistant, Google Images, and soon, YouTube.

Increase sales and loyalty

Easy re-ordering, personalized recommendations, and basket-building turn one-time shoppers into repeat customers.

Elevate your brand

The shopping cart shows customers purchases are backed by a Google guarantee, building trust and confidence with first time buyers.

Sell your products directly on Google surfaces

Google Search

Hundreds of millions of people do shopping-related searches on Google. With Shopping Actions, shoppers can seamlessly purchase your products with their Google account across multiple Google surfaces.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping helps people find what they’re looking for online and in-store across millions of products and thousands of stores. And if they want to buy right then and there, items with the shopping cart let them know they can checkout seamlessly with their Google account.

Google Assistant

Voice shopping allows people to purchase the items they want just by speaking to their Google Assistant. With Shopping Actions, you can make sure your products are surfaced anywhere Assistant is available—that’s more than one billion devices worldwide—and counting.


Later this year, Shopping Actions on YouTube will enable an in-line checkout within the YouTube app for eligible products.


BTW Consulting Merchant Account Setup and Product Upload:for Website: $1000 (One Time Fee). Your choice of using a product feed or a CSV file. The advantage with a product feed is all updates such as pricing, pictures, and descriptions are automated.

BTW Consulting Merchant Account Setup and Product Upload:for EBay Store: $1000 (One Time Fee). EBay does not support a product feed. We will use a CSV file for set up.

Google Shopping Actions Fee (12% only if your item sells.) Includes payment processing. 

Please Note: If using a product feed, other small fees may apply. Please contact for details.


One of the most common ways to advertise your products or services on the internet is to create pay per click campaigns with Google.

Opening an account on Google Ads or Google Shopping Ads is quite simple. The complicated part is having an acceptable ROI. It is a fact that most who manage "do it yourself" campaigns end up spending a lot more than what they collect from sales.

The use of wrong or underperforming keywords, an approximate target for the public, the creation of an ineffective landing page, or the idea of ​​unattractive ads are some of the errors that can be found in a campaign managed in an unprofessional way.

  • We help optimize your campaign and maximize your ROI
  • Your choice of Google Ads only, Google Ads and Google Shopping Ads, or Google Shopping only.


Standard Package: Minimum spending requirement is $500 per month. Cost: $250 per month management fee + $250 one time setup fee. Contract minimum is for 3 months or 90 days.

Deluxe: Minimum spending requirement is $1000 per month. Cost $500 per month management fee + 250 one time setup fee. Contact minimum is for 3 months or 90 days.

Customized: Please contact us for a rate quote.