If you are trying to decide whether to sell on eBay or Amazon, it can be a tough decision.  Both online marketplaces have their advantages and  disadvantages.  I will go ahead and point out a few.

eBay or Amazon

Amazon has a huge customer base, almost twice the size of eBay's.  That being said, Amazon is also a retailer who competes against their sellers.  So if you have a hot product that is doing well, you can count on Amazon finding the same or similar product and undercutting you.  This is a huge problem.  Amazon offers the FBA service which is also know as fulfillment by Amazon.  This is a great service, where Amazon packs, ships, and provides customer service for your products.  It is a great service, and eBay offers nothing like it.  Amazon in general commands higher prices for items than eBay.  Therefore, your business can potentially have higher margins.  However, many of the the seller categories are closed or gated, where is becomes a monumental task to sell your products on Amazon.  Many give up on the process because it is too time consuming, too expensive, and usually you do not get approved.

eBay still has a very sizeable customer base.  Even though it is approximately half the size of Amazon's, it still has about 160 million active users.  eBay has not closed categories, and does not compete against their sellers since they are not a retailer.  If you are unable to ship yourself, eBay offers no FBA program at this time.  The prices on eBay tend to fetch less of a margin depending on the items you sell.  eBay offers an incredible Global Shipping Program, where you can sell to customers overseas.  You do not have to deal with customs, or any of the paperwork.  You simply ship your item to their domestic shipping center, and they handle the rest.  In general, eBay has an easier and more friendly interface than Amazon.  They also allow you to sell by regular retail price like on Amazon, by auction, and retail or wholesale.  For more information from a highly qualified eBay Consultant please contact us at info@mybtwconsulting.com.