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BTW Consulting offers professional eBay store management for your business. If you need help managing your eBay business contact us today for a free consultation. We can help with your eBay listings, optimization to increase rankings and sales, improve your advertising and promotional campaigns to gain more customers, create sales strategies, provide competitive analysis, deal with complicated issues that arise on eBay, and much more. We are experienced and trusted eBay store managers based in the United States and in business since 2015. All of our work is done in house and we do not outsource your project. All of your information is kept 100 percent confidential and secure. If you are tired of dealing with overseas agents where there are language barriers, cultural differences, and who are poorly trained we can help. 


  • Manage the daily operations of your eBay business
  • Keep existing eBay listings active and updated
  • Add new eBay listings
  • Optimize listings for better search rankings and improved sales
  • Manage and implement new eBay marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Update product descriptions and item specifics
  • Improve listing titles
  • Deal with complex issues that arise 
  • Provide training to your team if needed


3Dsellers is the all-in-one eBay listing software that lets you create, manage, and track your eBay listings from one easy-to-use platform. With 3Dsellers, you can create professional-looking listings, track your sales and traffic, manage your orders and inventory, and list your items on eBay - all in one place.