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BTW Consulting is a trusted U.S. based company that has been in business since 2015. All of our services are done in house and we do not outsource your project. All of your information is 100 percent secure and kept strictly confidential. We provide professional eBay listing optimization and eBay title optimization to help improve your search rankings, views, and sales. We can help with any eBay category or product, and generally combine this strategy with effective advertising and promotional campaigns. Your titles, item specifics, pictures, ads, marketing campaigns, and pricing, all play a role as to how well you do on eBay. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Why Use BTW Consulting for you eBay Listing Optimization?

EBay listing optimization and eBay title optimization is a skill set that is developed over time. Finding the right keyword combinations to move your products and increase sales is challenging. One needs a thorough understanding of how to do keyword research and how the eBay platform works. Methods that work on Google or Amazon, do not work on eBay. You need an experienced team of eBay consultants that only BTW Consulting can provide. We:

  • Research and include the most relevant keywords
  • Increase product visibility in eBay search best match
  • Check and fix product titles, item specifics, product descriptions, and images
  • Optimize your eBay listing to improve performance and increase sales
  • Help you get more listing page views
  • Improve your click through rates
  • Improve your conversion rates