EBay SEO and listing optimization is complicated.  EBay, has made some major changes to eBay search this year.  These changes have had a major impact on their best match algorithm in addition to other ranking factors.  Many sellers have experienced major drops in their sales due to these reasons. 

BTW Consulting will help choose the right eBay keywords and optimize your eBay listings for you.  This will enable customers to find your listings and products more easily, while giving you more visibility across the eBay marketplace.  Placing well in organic search is key on eBay.  Not only does it give you better position in best match, but also saves you money that otherwise you might have to give to eBay for PPC.  EBay fees are high enough already, do you really want to give them more of a cut on advertising?  We are not saying that optimization fully eliminates the need for Sponsored ads, however it does lessen it.  Our goal is to always start with organic search rankings, and then move to other areas to help increase your sales.

BTW Consulting will help optimize your listing titles, product descriptions, and categorized them correctly.  Contact us today for a free consultation with no obligation to see what BTW Consulting can do to help your business.    

With our eBay SEO services we look at the following:

  • Your listing titles
  • Product descriptions
  • Categorization
  • Product identifiers
  • Item specifics
  • Picture quality and quantity
  • Competitor pricing