If your eBay sales are down, BTW Consulting will help your business improve its eBay search rankings and sales. When your eBay sales are down it can be attributed to a wide range of factors including:

  • Your being higher priced then your competition. Please keep in mind that eBay is a shopping comparison site, and customers want the best pricing
  • Your advertising, marketing, and promotions are not set up correctly and/or maximized to reach your target audience
  • Your listings do not contain the best keyword combinations for eBay search best match
  • Your seller metrics are below standard
  • EBay's buyer user base has decreased
  • And More


BTW will review your entire account and listings. We isolate problems, and implement solutions that will help increase your eBay sales. Our group of eBay experts will work with you every step of the way. For a free consultation with no obligation contact us today.


  • Check eBay listing SEO and optimize if necessary to improve rankings and sales
  • Check advertising, marketing, and promotions to make sure they are set up correctly and maximized to reach your customer base. Create and implement new and more effective campaigns that help you gain customers
  • Compare your pricing to your competition and make recommendations
  • Review your shipping and return policies
  • Check picture quality, user template, product descriptions, product features. Make recommendations for improvement, and implement changes
  • Review and update your item specifics if necessary