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BTW Consulting is a U.S. based team of experienced eBay experts offering eBay seller help to our clientele. Our company was started in 2015 because we found that eBay customer service and YouTube videos did not provide enough eBay seller help for eBay sellers to compete effectively in today’s competitive eCommerce environment.

The eBay platform has changed considerably over the past few years. It has become far more competitive, more complex, and harder to rank and make sales. There are no online tutorials nor eBay representatives that can provide the necessary guidance and expertise that are agency can. BTW Consulting provides personalized U.S. based support. We do not transfer you overseas, we do not outsource your project, and all of your information is kept strictly confidential. That is our guarantee to you.

With our professional eBay seller help services, we will provide our extensive knowledge and expertise to help your business be successful on eBay. Please contact us today for more information and your free consultation.


We can help your business with most anything you need done on eBay:

  • Create new listings or fix existing eBay listings including titles, descriptions, templates, and item specifics
  • Review your pictures and content, provide recommendations for improvement
  • Review your competition and make recommendations on how to be more competitive
  • Create effective advertising and promotional campaigns that will increase rankings and sales
  • Listing Optimization to improve performance
  • Deal with eBay customer service on your behalf to solve complex problems
  • Provide training to your team if needed and show them how to properly manage your eBay store and account
  • And more

BTW Consulting is highly specialized eBay consulting company. We only work on the eBay platform. Therefore are knowledge and expertise is greater than any of our competition. Prior to starting BTW Consulting, we were power sellers for years. Contact us today to learn more and for your free consultation.