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If you don't have the time to do your eBay listings yourself, or want someone more experienced to do the eBay listings for you, we can help.  With our eBay listing service, we do your eBay listings for you. We save you time allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.  As your eBay Lister, we create detailed and professional looking eBay listings that generate both traffic and sales.  Our eBay experience ensures your listings are done correctly and in a timely manner.  Your listings are not foreign outsourced, they are done in-house and your security and privacy are fully protected.  With millions of buyers shopping on eBay, it has become a must for eCommerce entrepreneurs to sell on eBay and boost their online presence.  Let BTW Consulting support you or your company in creating effective and well-optimized eBay listings with all pertinent information including: eBay SEO-friendly titles, engaging product descriptions, eye-catching images, and more.  For a free consultation with no obligation contact us today at info@mybtwconsulting.com.

Our eBay Listing Services focus on: 

Product Categorization
We help your customers locate the items they want to buy.  We meticulously classify the products in appropriate categories and sub-categories. We can also create product listings with variations to make it easy for customers to choose their most preferred item.

Product Titles
We set up descriptive and SEO-friendly titles.  This helps enhance product visibility across the marketplace. We also add color, size, or any other attribute in the title.

Product Descriptions
We set up informative, unique, and precise product descriptions. We highlight the key features and benefits of your products. We make sure that the most important and relevant keywords are included in the product descriptions, helping you gain a better search ranking.

Product Images
We make sure your images meet eBay guidelines and are done correctly to attract the most customers as possible. 

Product Features and Benefits

We set up your bullet points and ensure they highlight your products most important attributes.  

eBay SEO

We make sure you eBay listings are fully optimized for eBay search.