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We are ecommerce consultants providing ecommerce consulting and ecommerce services for small business . BTW Consulting specializes in eBay. We can help your business grow and increase profits by expanding your company to the eBay platform. 

EBay is no longer an auction site. It has grown tremendously, and most transactions done on eBay are regular retail sales same as you would find on Amazon. Most of the items for sale on eBay are no longer used, they are new items in retail packaging. At the same time, eBay is still a great place for used merchandise as well.

EBay is in the process of switching to a centralized payment system like you would find on Amazon. PayPal will no longer be required, it is optional. This means other forms of payment like credit cards and Google Pay will now be accepted. This is all a huge effort by eBay to expand their customer base.

BTW Consulting can help your business sell on eBay successfully. We provide advice and guidance, in addition to offering many other eBay services such as setting up your eBay store, creating your eBay listings, providing eBay SEO services so consumers can find your products, and much more. Please contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about what we do.  .