If you have questions or concerns with eBay, BTW Consulting provides eBay seller help. EBay is the second largest e-commerce marketplace in the United States.  It allows you to sell new and used items, retail or wholesale.  eBay offers you the option to sell domestically, internationally, or both.  You can sell with a fixed regular retail price, or by auction.  In the 2nd quarter of 2016, eBay had 164 million shoppers and 1 billion active listings.  The marketplace generated 1.8 billion dollars in revenue that quarter, and 80% of all items sold were new. While eBay customer service or eBay tutorials can be great resources, sometimes the support provided is not enough.  You are usually dealing with customer service agents based overseas, who don't fully understand the U.S. market.  Basic questions and challenges can usually be handled, but sometimes an experienced eBay Consultant can greatly benefit your business.

BTW Consulting is a U.S based eBay Consulting company with a combined 10 years of eBay selling and consulting experience.  If you need eBay seller support please contact us at info@mybtwconsulting for a free 20 minute consultation with no obligation.