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BTW Consulting can help your company achieve its goals.  Whether you are a business looking to expand your ecommerce selling platforms, an experienced seller who needs a specific service, or simply want eBay advice and guidance from a qualified eBay Expert and eBay Specialist, we can help with the following services:  

EBay is vital to the growth of any ecommerce business.  With 165 million active users, and the second largest e-commerce marketplace in the United States, eBay should be a part of your ecommerce solutions.  With an eBay store, you can sell new and used items, retail or wholesale, there are no closed categories, and since eBay is not a retailer, they do not compete against you.  Setting up an eBay seller account, a PayPal Business Account, and an eBay store is time consuming and takes a certain level of expertise. BTW Consulting has extensive eBay knowledge, and we put that to work for you.  For a free initial consultation with no obligation please contact us today.