The eBay business model affords your company the opportunity to sell with a fixed price like on Amazon, by auction, retail, or wholesale. An eBay business account is a good idea if you intend to sell products that you have purchased for resale, produced yourself, or sell in high volume. When you open an eBay business account or create an eBay business account, your business name will be displayed in your emails and invoices. Usually, it is easier to get higher selling limits, and there are potential tax advantages and discounts on eBay fees.  Basically, if you are using eBay for business purposes as opposed to a hobby or occasional selling than you should strongly consider a business account.  You will need to be a registered business with a federal tax ID number.  If you decide a business account is right for you, the next step is opening a PayPal business account.  The third and final component would be to open an eBay store.  The eBay business account, PayPal business account, and eBay store work synergistically.  EBay for business is a highly effective way of branding and marketing both your company and products at a reasonable cost.  When looking at EBay Business account fees, there are no extra charges.  You open a regular eBay store and a PayPal business account.

BTW Consulting will provide an effective eBay business strategy and help you set up an eBay business account, PayPal business account, and an eBay store.  We will take care of the process from start to finish.  Whether you want an eBay small business or a larger one, there are three different types of eBay stores to choose from depending on the number of items you intend to sell.  For more information please visit our eBay Consultant page or contact us for a free consultation.