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If you need help with a new or existing eBay Business Account, BTW Consulting provides the services you need to help grow you eBay business. We offer professional eBay Business Account setup and management services. Our process begins with setting up your eBay account, store, and listings. Once completed, we optimize your eBay listings to improve your eBay search rankings and sales. Advertising and marketing campaigns are then added to further enhance product visibility. Once account setup is completed, you have the option whether to retain us to manage your account. BTW Consulting has been in business since 2015 and worked with a wide variety of clientele. Our company has a unique understanding of the eBay platform because we only work on eBay projects. We have the experience and knowledge to help your company succeed on eBay. Contact us today for your free consultation.

An eBay business account is for professional sellers who sell on eBay full time not as a hobby. With an eBay business account you get higher selling limits and taxes are paid through your company. EBay business account owners will need an eBay store. An eBay store offers a host of benefits including marketing tools, access to advertising campaigns, and store promotions. 


  • Setup your eBay business account and store
  • eBay store layout, eBay store content, eBay store category setup
  • eBay listing setup, layout, content, and pictures
  • eBay advertising and marketing campaign setup
  • eBay listing optimization for improved search rankings and sales


  • Manage your existing eBay business account
  • Keep existing eBay listings active and updated
  • Add new eBay listings
  • Optimize listings for better search rankings and increased sales
  • eBay marketing and advertising campaign management
  • Interact with eBay customer service on your behalf
  • Monitor feedback
  • Customizable


There are no extra fees associated with having an eBay business account. But you will need an eBay store. For most small and midsize businesses, you will need to open an eBay premium store which is $59.95 per month with annual subscription. However, if your business has less products to sell there are smaller size stores such as the eBay starter and basic store which ranges between $4.95 and $21.95 annually.