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If you need help with a new or existing eBay Business Account, or eBay Seller Account, we provide the services you need to help grow your business. We can work on your account setup,  listings,store, SEO, and more. An eBay business account is for professional businesses and sellers'. When you set up a business account on eBay, your company name is displayed, you get higher selling limits, and taxation will be through your company. BTW Consulting has the experience and knowledge to help your company be successful on eBay. Contact us today for your free consultation. 

You pick and choose what services are right for your business:


  • Setup eBay seller business account and store
  • eBay store layout, eBay store content, and eBay store categories
  • eBay listing layout, content, and pictures
  • eBay individual listings, bulk listings, multiple variation listings
  • eBay marketing and eBay advertising campaigns
  • eBay listing optimization for improved search rankings


  • Manage your existing eBay account
  • Keep existing eBay listings active and updated
  • Add new eBay listings
  • Optimize listings for better search rankings
  • eBay marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Customer Service 
  • Handle feedback
  • Customizable