With millions of potential customers on eBay from 190 countries around the world, it makes sense to list your products on eBay. But how do you open an eBay business account? This post will show you how to have a verified eBay account for business in minutes.

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When to register as a business

Choose a business account if you:

  • Sell items that you have bought for resale
  • Sell items that you have manufactured yourself to sell.
  • Sell a large amount of goods on a regular basis.
  • Sell new things that you have not acquired for your personal use.
  • Buy items for your business.

How to Open a Business Account on EBay

To open an eBay business account, you will need a US bank account, credit card, a US phone number, a US address, and an email address. Click this link to register: https://signup.ebay.com/pa/crte

EBay will request your company name, official email, and location of your business. Of course, you’ll need to choose a password.

The next phase of registration will be choosing your store username. Use something memorable and related to your business. Upon completion, eBay will request that you verify your account through SMS or phone verification.

Advantages of an eBay business account

Business sellers can register with a company name. That company name will be displayed in all communication with the buyer, such as invoices and emails.

Business sellers can display contact details, and terms and conditions in all of their listings.

Potential Tax Benefits: You may get certain tax deductions running an eBay business. Let’s say you use a space dedicated only to your eBay activities, you can claim home office expenses when reporting your profits and losses on the Schedule C IRS form. If you’re eligible, then you can enjoy business use percentage deductions on your office furniture and supplies.

Discounts On eBay Seller Fees

If you are a high-volume eBay seller, you can sign up for a store subscription to reduce your monthly listing insertion fees.

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