An Amazon store is an Amazon professional seller account.  To create an Amazon Store properly,  (Amazon Professional Seller Account) it takes time and requires a strong knowledge and understanding of Amazon.  If you are new to Amazon, and want to open an Amazon store, BTW Consulting can help.  If you are an established Amazon business, take advantage of our Amazon Marketplace Management feature.  We offer Amazon account setup and management services for new and established sellers like.  For more information and a free consultation please contact us at

Setting up An Amazon Store (Amazon professional seller account)

  • Open an Amazon professional seller account for you
  • Amazon FBA program set up - (Optional)
  • Layout and content for store
  • Amazon listings including content, titles, pictures, keywords
  • Amazon Bulk Listings
  • Amazon Single Listings
  • Amazon Multi Variation Listings (Parent/Child)
  • Amazon New Product Listings
  • Amazon listing optimization (Amazon SEO)
  • Amazon advertising (Amazon PPC) - (Optional)

Amazon Marketplace Management

  • Manage your Amazon professional seller account (Amazon Store Manager)
  • Manage your existing Amazon listings
  • Add new Amazon listings (Bulk, Multi Variation, Single, New Product)
  • Monitor inventory levels
  • Customer service for Amazon customers if applicable
  • Amazon listing optimization if needed (Amazon SEO)
  • Amazon advertising (Amazon PPC) - Optional