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BTW Consulting offers a wide variety of Amazon seller services, support, and help for both beginners and established sellers alike.  We are experienced  Amazon Consulting Experts with 10 years combined experience.  We provide the necessary advice and guidance to improve your performance and increase your Amazon sales.  BTW Consulting can open an Amazon seller account for you, provide support with Amazon seller central, assist with your Amazon FBA Business, and much moreFor a free consultation with no obligation contact us today using our contact form or at 



As an experienced Amazon Consultant and Amazon Seller Consultant, we help you achieve your business goals and sell online successfully.  You may have questions about opening an Amazon Professional Seller Account, Amazon's FBA program, profit margins, marketing, competitors, and more.  Whatever questions or challenges you might have, we are here to help with our Amazon consulting services. We work with sellers just getting started, small businesses trying to expand, and large organizations.  We provide effective  Amazon strategies that will help grow your business.  

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If your Amazon sales have plateaued, and you want to increase your Amazon sales, BTW Consulting can help.  With our Amazon consulting services, we thoroughly analyze your Amazon professional seller account, and provide a prioritized detailed recommendations report for areas of improvement.  With our comprehensive detailed approach, we will identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth.  Our report is followed up with a free one-hour phone or Skype consultation to review our findings.  


With our Amazon listing services, we do you Amazon listings for you.  Our listings provide detailed bullet points and product descriptions with SEO friendly titles.  We do not outsource your listings to freelancers in foreign countries.  We ensure your account is kept secure, private, and your listings are done correctly.

Listings:  We set up your Amazon listings accurately, and meet all Amazon guidelines. Our listings include:  

Amazon Required Information: Title, Brand name, UPC codes, SKU's, Condition, Price, Sale Price

Amazon Product Description:  Bullet Points, Product features, Product Description

Keywords:  Search Terms, Target Audience, Product Keywords, Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Extra Details:  MSRP, Product Dimensions, Shipping Weight, Package Dimensions

Listing Quality: There are many techniques that go into a creating an Amazon listing. We will help you present a professional image so that customers fully understand your product and you can increase your conversion rate and number of sales.


If you want to become an Amazon seller, an Amazon FBA Business gives you access to Amazon’s distribution network and customer base.  Amazon will warehouse your products, fulfill orders, and provide customer service so you don’t have to be hands on with every aspect of your business.  With FBA, you ship your products to Amazon’s warehouses, and Amazon will take over from there. 


BTW Consulting will setup your Amazon Seller Account for you from start to finish.  We can create an Amazon seller account to be merchant fulfilled or to use FBA.  Amazon FBA is an optional program offered by Amazon.  For those who do not want to store product or deal with shipping, FBA may be a very good option for you.  FBA also gives you access to Amazon prime members, which is key.  


Merchants on Amazon often find themselves wondering what they can do to sell more product and improve their performance.  With more and more products being sold on Amazon every year, this becomes an ever increasing challenge.   As Amazon SEO experts, we can help improve your Amazon seller ranking with our Amazon SEO Service.  Our Amazon seo services target your potential customers and can help grow your business.

According to  Amazon, "search is the primary way that customers use to locate products on Customers search by entering keywords, which are matched against the search terms you enter for a product. Well-chosen search terms increase a product’s visibility and sales. The number of views for a product detail page can increase significantly by adding just one additional search term – if it’s a relevant and compelling term".

Factors such as price, availability, selection, and sales history help determine where your product appears in a customer’s search results. In general, better-selling products tend to be towards the beginning of the results list.  As your sales increase, so does your placement.