Merchants on Amazon often find themselves wondering what they can do to make their products stand out.  With more and more products being sold on Amazon every year, this becomes an increasing challenge.  How can you increase your chances of Amazon customers finding your products?  

The answer is through Amazon listing optimization.  BTW Consulting will help with your Amazon SEO.  With our Amazon SEO Service, we use Amazon PPC to drive more Amazon buyers to your products and help improve your Amazon seller ranking.  

With our Amazon SEO Services. we look at the following metrics and provide solutions:

  • Amazon listing titles 
  • Amazon listing bullet points 
  • Amazon listing content 
  • Properly categorized listings
  • Company bio
  • Product reviews
  • Pictures 
  • Product identifiers 
  • Added keywords 
  • Product page

All of these variables contribute to proper Amazon SEO, not just keywords.  For more information, and a free 20 minute consultation with no obligation, please contact us at