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For businesses wanting to expand their ecommerce presence, Amazon can be a great resource.  Amazon is the largest online marketplace, with an enormous amount of loyal customers.  An Amazon professional seller account cost $39.99 per month, and gives you access to all the great features and benefits Amazon has to offer.  BTW Consulting can setup your Amazon Seller Account from start to finish. You can choose a merchant fulfilled account, or Fulfillment by Amazon.   We create an Amazon seller account that is professional looking, fully optimized, and has your product pages fully setup.  When we are done, you are ready to launch.  For experienced sellers, we offer our Amazon Account Analysis & Recommendations report.  If your Amazon sales have plateaued, this in-depth and highly valuable detailed analysis can provide tremendous insight  as to why and help improve sales.  Problem areas are identified, and prioritized recommendations for areas of improvement are provided.  For more information and a free consultation contact us now at


Setup Amazon Seller Account

  • Setup and open an Amazon seller account for you (Professional seller account)
  • Amazon FBA program set up - (Optional)
  • Layout and content for store
  • Amazon listings including content, titles, pictures, keywords
  • Amazon listing optimization (Amazon SEO) 
  • Amazon advertising (Amazon PPC) - (Optional) 

Amazon Marketplace Management

  • Manage your Amazon professional seller account 
  • Manage your existing Amazon listings
  • Add new Amazon listings 
  • Monitor inventory levels
  • Amazon listing optimization
  • Amazon advertising (Amazon PPC) - Optional

Amazon Seller Account Analysis & Recommendations Report

Product Titles

Your Amazon listing titles are carefully checked to make sure they are done correctly and are fully optimized for Amazon search.  We check to make sure your titles are descriptive, SEO-friendly, and enhance product visibility across the marketplace.


We review picture quality and quantity on the Amazon product page.

Product Features and Benefits (Bullet Points)

The features and benefits section of your Amazon product page is crucial.  We carefully check your bullet points making sure they are done accurately and contain the necessary keywords so Amazon customers can easily find your items.

Product Description

Think of a product description as an extension of the features and benefits section.  We check your descriptions to make sure they are informative and accurately describe your items to the customer in a quick and concise manner.  We also check to make sure the most relevant search terms are included.

Competitive Analysis

There are multiple factors that influence your Amazon ranking.  Competitive pricing is one of the most important metrics on Amazon.  We review how your items are priced compared to your competition who are selling the same or similar items.

SEO & Keyword Placement:

Optimizing your listings properly is key for Amazon customers to find your products.

Brand Identity

Many sellers do not emphasize or portray their brand effectively on Amazon.  We check your Amazon seller profile to ensure your brand identity and message are being properly conveyed to potential customers.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are a must on Amazon. If you’re product does not have enough or to many negative reviews, consumers are far less likely to click or convert on your products.


Many times, during our analysis, we come across other factors that are influencing or hurting your sales or ranking.  These are included in your report.

Seller Central Keyword Analysis

We carefully check your use of keywords for your listings in seller central.