With our Amazon listing service, we do the listings for you.  Our Amazon listings are detailed oriented and professional looking.  As an Amazon Listing Specialist, we ensure your listings contain the necessary bullet points, product descriptions, keywords, and are properly optimized.  All of your Amazon listings are done in-house and we do not  foreign outsource.  We make sure you account is kept secure, and the listings are done properly.  With millions of buyers shopping on Amazon, it has become a must for ecommerce companies to give strong consideration to this marketplace.  Our Amazon product listing services save you valuable time and energy allowing you to focus on other important areas of your business.  For more information, and a free 20 minute consultation, please contact us at info@mybtwconsulting.com.


As  Amazon consultants, we make it easier for shoppers to find your items.  Products are organized in the correct categories and departments.  Your Amazon listings can be multiple variations, single listings, or bulk listings. 


Amazon listing optimization makes sure your items are search engine friendly.  We accomplish this using:

  • Product Identifiers
  • Inserting extra keywords where applicable
  • SEO friendly titles
  • Product descriptions with well developed content
  • High quality images
  • Multi Variation Listings where applicable


We make sure the most important keywords are included into the descriptions, helping you gain a better Amazon ranking on the Amazon search engine.  Product descriptions are done in the correct Amazon format using bullet points to highlight key benefits and a thorough description that will engage buyers.


Images must meet Amazon guidelines.  Stock photos are preferred. 


This is an optional and extra service.  We do offer Amazon Account Manager feature.  We make sure that your inventory levels are accurate and updated, and keep track of your stock levels updating them at frequent intervals.

Please Note:

  • We do require a minimum of 25 listings.
  • You must provide us with UPC codes (universal product codes).  If you do not have UPC codes, they can be purchased on eBay.  If you need assistance with this, please contact us.  
  • We offer individual listings, bulk listings, or Amazon multiple variation listings.
  • Amazon help