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BTW Consulting is a U.S. based group of Amazon consulting experts.  Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the United States.  With 305 million customers around the world, Amazon opens your business to a wide range of new customers and revenue streams.  As a highly qualified Amazon Consultant, we can help set up an Amazon professional seller account for you.  Setting up this type of account is both time consuming and complicated.  Especially if you are new to the Amazon marketplace.  There are a lot of variables that need to be taken into consideration. It's not simply about putting up listings.  The listings need to be done correctly and meet Amazon's strict guidelines.  Many of Amazon's categories require approval, which is not easy to navigate. There is pricing, competition, FBA program, account set up, and more that require skill, time, patience, and expertise.   For a free consultation with no obligation contact us now at 

As an experienced Amazon Consultant, and Amazon Seller Consultant, we can help you sell on Amazon and increase sales.  Whether you are new to Amazon, or an established Amazon seller, BTW Consulting provides effective Amazon strategy and services that help grow your business.  We are here to answer your questions and help solve problems you might be having with Amazon. We offer a wide variety of Amazon services.  From analyzing your competition, to Amazon account set up, to listing your items, we will work with you from start to finish.  

Increase Amazon Sales

With the power of Amazon, it might just develop into one of your biggest sales channels.  Our Amazon seller consulting is for people that want to increase online sales and grow their business.  With so many consumers using the internet to purchase online, Amazon is often the place they start their search. 

Why Choose BTW Consulting?

Selling on Amazon can be confusing, and the environment is becoming increasingly competitive.  Amazon rules are quite strict.  Navigating Amazon is our specialty, and we take those complexities away from you.  We have helped many clients improve their Amazon rankings and increase sales.  As an experience Amazon Account Manager and Amazon Account Specialist we know that utilizing Amazon can improve your company’s revenue stream and help grow your business. 

Where Do I Begin?

We begin with a free initial consultation to determine the nature of your business and your goals. We work with you to understand your company and products, determine your target audience, and determine which Amazon services will best help your business.   

Why Amazon?

With more than 200 million people, Amazon uses their vast network of distribution centers and shipping partners to give your customers the best online purchasing experience possible.  Amazon offers a wide variety of services that can benefit your business including:  payment processing, customer service, shipping of products, handling of returns, processing of refunds, and storing your products in their warehouse if you so choose. 

Amazon Help

BTW Consulting will help improve your Amazon sales, rankings, help generate Amazon product reviews, and assist with your Amazon marketing.  While there are several tutorials and self help guides out there  teaching you how to sell on Amazon, these can only go so far.  They are limited in what they can teach you, and do not replace the advice provided by an Amazon FBA Consultant providing Amazon seller supportWe have 10 years of combined Amazon and eBay experience, and put our knowledge to work for you.  For a free consultation with no obligation contact us now at