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BTW Consulting is a niche eCommerce company that specializes in helping businesses succeed on eBay. We are highly specialized, and only work on eBay projects unlike many of our competitors. This helps us give your company the best chance of success on eBay. We provide Professional eBay seller help for new and established businesses alike. Our company was founded in 2015 to meet the demands of today's eBay seller. We found that eBay customer service and you tube videos did not suffice. BTW Consulting is based in the United States, and we do not outsource our work. You will not deal with foreign agents, nor be transferred overseas. All of your information is kept 100 percent confidential and secure. For a free consultation contact us today!


Huge Marketplace, Big Exposure: With over 170 million active users (2017 figure), eBay is an excellent venue to sell your products. It is the 2nd largest marketplace in the United States and has an extensive global presence.

Brand Your Store: eBay gives you the opportunity to customize your storefront. You can create your own unique brand identity

Lower Fees: Amazon charges 15% in selling fees plus FBA, whereas eBay takes approximately 12.5 percent including payment processing fees. It can vary depending on your category.

Sell Globally: eBay allows you to take advantage of their global shipping program. There is no charge and your international customer absorbs all tariffs and fees. You only get charged the shipping cost to their US Shipping center. This creates and easy and cost effective shipping process and allows you to reach a global audience.


Expertise: We have been in business for 8 years, and were Professional eBay sellers for years prior to starting our company. We have many satisfied customers because we produce results.

Increased Sales: With our vast knowledge and expertise on eBay, we help you increase traffic and sales using a variety of methods including: optimization, branding, advertising, PPC, marketing, and promotions.

Dedicated Manager: You get a dedicated U. S. based Project Manager to assist you every step of the way.

E-Commerce Knowledge: We can help your company expand beyond Amazon and your website.