BTW Consulting is a U.S. based eBay and Amazon consulting company providing a multitude of eBay services and Amazon solutions to our clients. Whether you are seeking advice from a highly qualified Amazon or eBay consultant with 10 years of combined experience, would like to open an eBay store or open an Amazon store (Amazon Professional Seller Account), or need online eBay training courses, we are here to help.  A full list of our eBay and Amazon services is listed below. Our company works with you to answer questions, solve problems, and provide practical solutions that save you time, money, and help grow your business.  

If you are a beginner, our company will guide you through the entire process of eBay or Amazon account setup to ongoing support.  For experienced sellers, who are looking to expand their ecommerce presence, we offer several options.  If you have your own website, we can transfer your catalogue to eBay and/or Amazon.  If you are an eBay seller, and want to sell on Amazon, we can assist..  If you are an Amazon seller, and want to incorporate eBay as one of your ecommerce sales channels, we provide support.  With more and more competition these days, it is important to diversify your revenue streams.  For a free 15 minute consultation please contact us at

As an experienced eBay Expert and eBay Specialist, we answer your questions, and offer guidance that can help grow your eBay business. We provide practical eBay services and eBay help that save your business time and money.


Selling on Amazon can be a bit frustrating in the beginning. Therefore, choosing the right Amazon Consultant who can provide the proper Amazon seller help is extremely important.


  • Amazon Consultant
  • Amazon Store Set-Up (Amazon Professional Seller Account)
  • Amazon Store Management (Amazon Professional Seller Account)
  • Amazon Account Setup
  • Amazon Account Manager
  • Amazon Listing Service
  • Amazon Advertising (Amazon PPC )
  • Amazon SEO Service
  • Amazon FBA Consultant
  • Amazon Consulting Experts

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