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BTW Consulting will help with the eBay marketing, advertising, and branding of your company and its products. Having been in the advertising industry prior to eCommerce, we know that logos and branding are an important part of making your store and listings stand out.  By creating a powerful brand message, customers will remember you and the products you offer. Our goal, is to have customers become familiar with your store and the items your offer.  We want them to think of you first the next time they come back to shop on eBay. 

In addition to branding, advertising and marketing are critical to help you get ahead of your competition.  We use a variety of tools and methods to help improve your sales on eBay.  From eBay Promoted listings, to in-store marketing promotions, BTW consulting will customize and implement a plan that works for your business.  For more information and a free consultation please contact us today.