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We provide an effective eBay marketing strategy and use a variety of eBay marketing tools, that will help grow your eBay business.  While the quality of your eBay listings and your eBay store set up play an important role in your eBay sales, these are not the only factors.   Selling on eBay has become so competitive, we use all eBay marketing tools and advertising options at our disposal.  We understand how to sell on eBay successfully, and can improve your rankings and sales. 


We use a combination of strategies:  

  • eBay Email Marketing
  • eBay Coupon Marketing
  • eBay Store Marketing
  • Sale Pricing
  • eBay Listing Optimization
  • Company Bio
  • Product Reviews


If you are interested in using eBay ads to promote your listings, we use eBay promoted listings (eBay PPC) as part of your  eBay advertising efforts. We develop effective eBay PPC campaigns, that help increase sales by putting your best merchandise in front of buyers who are actively searching and shopping on eBay.  Your ads will appear in prominent locations across eBay, and are based on several factors including the ad rate chosen, and how relevant the item is to a buyer's search.  eBay Product ads are a highly useful tool that can bring more traffic to your listings.  Let BTW Consulting create and manage your eBay advertising campaigns.  For more information and a free 20 consultation please contact us at info@mybtwconsulting.com.