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Are you interested in listing on eBay?  Don’t have the time to do the eBay listings yourself?  Do you need help with your eBay listings?  With our eBay listing service, we do your eBay listings for you.  We save you time allowing you to focus on other important aspects of you business.  As an eBay Lister, we create detailed and professional looking eBay listings that generate both traffic and sales.  Our eBay experience ensures your listings are done correctly and in a timely manner.  Your listings are not foreign outsourced, they are done in-house.  With millions of buyers shopping on eBay, it has become a must for eCommerce entrepreneurs to sell on eBay and boost their online presence.  Let BTW Consulting support you or your company in creating effective and well-optimized eBay listings with all pertinent information including: eBay SEO-friendly titles, engaging product descriptions, eye-catching images, and more.  We can do both individual listings and eBay bulk listings for you.  We require a minimum of 25 listings.  For more information and a free 20 minute consultation please contact us at info@mybtwconsulting.com.

Our eBay Listing Service saves you time and allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business.  If you are looking to hire an eBay lister we can help with:

A)  Product Categorization

We help potential customers easily locate your items.  We meticulously classify the products in the appropriate categories and sub-categories.  We offer eBay single listings, bulk listings, and multiple variation listings.  

B)  eBay SEO

As part of our eBay listing service, we create descriptive and SEO-friendly titles that enhance product visibility across the marketplace.  We make sure your eBay listings are well optimized and search engine friendly.  We also add color, size, or any other attributes.

C)  Product Description Writing

We create informative, unique, and precise product descriptions and highlight the key features and benefits. We make sure the most relevant and searched keywords are incorporated into the descriptions, helping you gain a better ranking on the major search engines.

D)  Images

We make sure that your product images are clear and attractive.  We prefer to use stock photos especially for new items.  You can provide them to us or we can try to find them for you.  If your items are used, we will use your photos which is the best way to meet eBay guidelines and avoid customer complaints.

*  Please Note:  You must have your own eBay account or we will be happy to open one for you.  We require a minimum of 25 listings.