eBay is vital to the growth of any e-commerce business.  With 165 million active users, and the second largest e-commerce marketplace in the United States, eBay should be a part of your ecommerce business.  With an eBay store online, you can sell new and used items, retail or wholesale, there are no closed categories, and since eBay is not a retailer, they do not compete against you.  Setting up an eBay seller account, a PayPal Business Account, and an eBay store is time consuming and takes a certain level of expertise.  Listings must meet eBay requirements, and it is imperative that the listings contain rich product descriptions and that they are done correctly.   Items considered new are now required to contain UPC codes and manufacturer part numbers much like you would find on Amazon.  eBay Stores, require proper categorization and knowledge of keywords and optimization.   Understanding the eBay platform does not come overnight. Fortunately, BTW Consulting has extensive eBay knowledge, and we put that knowledge to work for you.  Whether you are a business looking to expand your eCommerce sales and need eBay seller help, are an experienced seller who has a complex situation, or a new seller who needs an eBay strategy, we can help.  For a free 20 minute consultation with no obligation please contact us at info@mybtwconsulting.com or call 754.900.6516.