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If you are interested in selling on eBay and would like to set up an eBay account, you need to decide which type of eBay selling account is right for you.  An individual eBay seller account is typically right for sellers who want to sell a limited number of items or are selling as a hobby. The items usually belong to the seller personally.  If your goal is to start a long term resale business, than an eBay business account would be a better choice.  The purpose of an eBay business account is selling items for resale, selling products you make, and for high volume sellers. When you set up a business account on eBay, your company name is displayed, you will get higher selling limits, and taxation will be through the company.  A business account is typically used for companies and other commercial establishments whereas an individual seller account is used by an individual for their own personal use. 

If you want to open an eBay account and need help, or want us to create an eBay account for you, BTW Consulting provides eBay account set up.  For more information and a free 20 minute consultation please contact us at info@mybtwconsulting.com.